A Team Dedicated
to You.

Click Karat is a leading boutique agency servicing the high ticket sales and Jewellery industries. Since day one we’ve established ourselves as a small group of tight knit marketing professionals  who specialize in bringing leads in and fueling e commerce growth. 

We believe that client-agency relationships are at the heart of what we do. That’s why since the get go we’ve taken the road less travelled, and have decided to keep our size to a minimum. This allows us to be agile and be at the forefront of serving our clients.


 All of our work is customized and tailored to fit the exact strategy that a client needs. 

We may make our results look easy, but its anything but. Our proficiency with leveraging digital tools for jewellers is the result of countlesse of hours of testing and seeing what works. From creating thousands of pages of content, to running millions of dollars in ads, over the years we have honed our craft and gained the right approach necessary to bring our clients to the next level. 

Don’t take our word for it though, schedule a call with us and let us show you through our case studies.